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Maybe we're reading magazines in a lobby, or maybe it's the waiting room of some hospital thinking about thirty enough or will ten do? I guess it has something to do with quality. Cracked versus G.Q. US verus them New Yorkers. Maybe I am partial to Harper's for the nickname, but when it comes to carrying a gun, I ain't gonna.
I guess if you asked me to quit eating meat it would be like asking a gun owner to start gumming it. It's hard to say no to a rib-eye and an '07 Vacqueyras, but thirty bullets in a clip? Do you prefer Wave of Mutilation or This Monkey's Gone To Heaven? Tell the truth there's no Here Comes Your Man moment waiting around the voting booth corner, but more guns certainly aren't the solution.
I'll spin Gimme Shelter and remember brother Tim coming up the path with the fresh vinyl under his arm, while hearing Born in Chicago or Johhny Too Bad (This Gun For Hire or Goodfellas for the visually inclined) take your pick...he's down by a wrench, but thirty shells in a Glock? hmm, who needs that.
Steve Earl may blame the devils' right hand but I'll give the NRA a hand just for their stick-to-it-ivness.
Maybe we are riding in Dinty's van discussing the relative merits of penne versus linguine.
Or perhaps we are just rolling down the road between Pittsfield and New York City trying not to hit an icy patch in the hills of Brownfield or on the stairs of some Cambridge lounge. But then again aren't we all just marking time before the big blizzard buries us.
In the meantime we have Pickles (Adam Moss) encouraging us to put some Stolichnaya in our gut. Margaret Glaspie singing Bartender Blues. Yodel lay hee, yodel lay hee who? Where?
Well in Manhattan it was Alec Spiegelman bending Ruby into a Love Supreme. Well the Jets lost that night so perhaps I digress and exaggerate.
But all the way Renfair has been right along with us. Jefferson Hamer that is who. With a taste for mead and jousting which is only matched by his command of Stonehendge when played on the mandolin. (a favorite at Rennaisance Fairs worldwide).
Maybe it was Suze and the old jawbone with Dave Wax spinning tales around the table on a snowy Tuesday night.
And while we have been selling samosas down by the seashore, Carol Noonan has been building one of the most impressive performance spaces in the middle of nowhere Maine. They had me at the green felt and the Commemorativo, but the Stone Mountain Arts Center had us hooked up all night, with flashing disco lights in the green room while we're spinning Rufus and message of love on vinyl. When was the last time you shot pool while discussing Amos Moses? And it was a packed theater with Laura and Jefferson lending a hand and Matt Malikowski screwing up the sound.
That's like hitting the brakes on black ice where there ain't no stopping, so you had better just enjoy the ride.

updated 3 years ago